Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeding a third world country

Working in a third world country, all needs are desperate. All needs are the most important. Clothing is the most important. Housing is the most important and of course, food is the most important. Did I mention having a job is the most important, also? In spite of all of this pressure, as missionaries we know that the most desperate and important need is for them to know Christ.

I want you to know that exciting things are beginning to take place in all these aspects of our ministry. We have two bus loads and a container full of items from the earthquake that will still be a huge blessing to so many of our people. Food, clothing, tarps to help cover their homes and protect them and many other items are coming in these vehicles. Praise God for all of you who have given so generously to provide these items and continue to give to help us ship them all the way to Haiti.

We are still anticipating the day that Shaina and I can be back in Haiti to help Wilckly with the daily running of the mission and its many projects which in turn supports whole communities of Haitians.

There is a lot involved to have a feeding program as you can well imagine. The main thing is to have a staff and someone to head it up and maintain it at each of our schools in order for us to start it. It is one thing to look for sources of food, it is yet another to have a trustworthy staff to cook the food and make sure that it is distributed to the children. We are constantly praying that God will bring these trustworthy Christian people into our path.

Wilckly is Haitian and it has bothered him in the past to see people start a feeding program and then at some point it just stops. It may stop because the people who were providing the food stopped, ran out of food, or left the country. He has struggled with wanting to create a program that would be able to sustain itself regardless of an outside food source.

He then started researching to find something that would provide food for the feeding program and jobs for people. This would help the people appreciate and protect it. They would get double benefits. Their children in our schools would get to eat the fish and they would have a job helping us raise the fish.

Recently, Randy Beemer of Beemer Fisheries in Bedford, Iowa, was able to travel with us to Haiti to look at the possibilities. We looked at land, water sources, he met many of the kids in our schools that we will be feeding, and he learned a lot about Haiti. He said the possibilities are amazing. We were able to visit a place where they are already set up for raising the fish.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin to develop the fish project. Pray that it will be a huge blessing to our ministry.